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How to Gain Muscle Fast


How to Gain Muscle Fast


Building muscle normally takes time but it does not make sense to waste time with ineffective exercise. Also, even if progress is seen, the amount of it is important. If progress is too slow, some situations should be reviewed.


1-Exercise Intensity Sould Be Enhanced!

Training intensity is found by increasing the number of exercise repetitions by the number of sets. This intensity is the primary determinant of hypertrophy (muscle development). And to increase volume, it may be necessary to proceed with lower weights than anticipated(for beginners)

In strengh trainings, you may not pack on muscle mass because this trainings are used heavy equipments and have low number of repetitions.

On the other hand, mild types of equipment and a high number of exercise repetition make you burn the fat and glycogen store in the muscle

That's why workout with the optimal number of repetitions and weight equipment is the best method for fitness men who want to gain muscle mass.

If you want to grow a certain muscle region,4-5 sets that each one set has 10-15 repetitions should be applied.

How to Gain Muscle Fast



2-Consuming More Protein is Important!

During training, muscles are actually torn at certain rates depending on the severity of exercise. Protein enter into the torn muscles by enhancing their volume thus muscle grows and repair itself.

 According to research, for the best muscle building effect, weight lifters should consume between 0.20 and 0.35 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight at each meal. For a 80-pound person, it is recommended to consume 20 to 28 grams of protein at each meal. This; It is potential to have it with four to five eggs, a cup of strained yogurt or a portion of protein powder added cake.

If you can not provide your own amount of protein which you need to consume,you should use supplements. Yes some of them are dangerous but if you choose available and quality one,it helps your muscle to grow.

How to Gain Muscle Fast
an egg is rich in protein


3-Do Not Focus on Reduction of Calories!

Gaining muscle mass is an anabolic process. If you try too much to enter into catabolic process like morning cardio,of course you may lose weight but you can not build new muscle mass.Cardio is applied once or twice a week to be fit.

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Stay safe and healthy

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