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How to be fit fast

                                   How to be fit fast

    Losing weight is both difficult and possible so how to be fit fast? is losing weight fast true? what type of decline methods can we use?. We will answer these types of questions effectively.

How to be fit fast

how to be fit fast

                               What is losing weight

Weight loss, in medicine, health, or physical sports, refers to a reduction of the total body mass. This loss can be from adipose tissue, bone deposits, body fluid, etc.

                     Relationship between eating and losing weight

People generally think that one of the reasons for losing weight is eating but we should eat for survival. Of course, harmful food and drinks will make you gain weight. That's why we should choose healthy and nutritious foods.

                              What food should be avoided

  1. Sugary drinks
  1. Most pizzas
  1. White bread
  1. Fruit juices
  1. Sweetened breakfast cereals
  1. Fried, grilled, or broiled food
  1. Pastries, cookies, and cakes
  1. French fries and potato chips etc.

We can consume protein(meat,chicken),healthy fats(omega3),complex carbohydrate(oat) and fibery food.These foods have a low glycemic index do not raise insulin too much. Insulin is the most important anabolic hormone and allows glucose to enter into muscle, fat(adipose)tissue.

More glucose is converted to fat in tissue. For preventing this situation, we should not consume sugary foods and drinks. On the other hand, when we eat high sugary food continuously this situation will lead to desensitization of insulin receptors called: Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

How to be fit fast
insulin graph


   Relationship between sport and losing weight

 Doing physical exercise makes you increase your metabolic rate. Your body prepares to burn fat. So, when should we do it for losing fat rapidly?

I have a good idea for all of you: Morning cardio is more effective than afternoon cardio. Why?

Because when we wake up, our cortisol(stress hormone) level is too high, cortisol is opposite to insulin that's why cortisol and growth hormone(which increase in physical exercise) do not allow glucose to enter into adipose tissue and convert into fat.

   What should our morning plan be

Firstly, when we wake up, we should not eat anything. We can drink coffee which provides energy and increase metabolic rate. After these rules, you can start cardio training to increase your heart rate.

How to be fit fast
cardio training

Lastly, while doing cardio, you can need motivation. I can suggest you listen to Rocky Playlist

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  1. this article looks like gorgeous

  2. All things being equal, eat fish meat, chicken or turkey meat. Wellbeing Fitness tips additionally suggests eating heated, barbecued, seared or bubbled food varieties rather than singed


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