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When should whey protein be taken


When should whey protein be taken

when should whey protein be taken?

Nowadays, we can easily observe people, with the development of social media. When we see a photo of a muscular person, we want to look fit and good like him. Some of us may think that muscle is built by taking only whey protein. The reason for this thought is that we want to choose the easy way. Building muscle is a long and difficult road. It is an activity that requires both workouts and nutrition.

Muscles cannot be built without exercise. For this, we need to have some knowledge about muscle physiology. We can talk about this in our next articles.

    When should whey protein be taken?

In this article, I will tell you when whey protein should be taken. Whey protein is formed as a result of certain processes that occur during cheese production. It is one of the most taken supplements. There are 3 types of whey protein. They are subjected to different processes. Athletes choose one of the whey protein which is suitable for their needs and start taking it. So when should whey protein be taken?

 Should whey protein be taken as a meal?

Beginner athletes think of whey protein as a meal. Whey protein is supplementary nutrition. We can supply the protein that cannot be consumed in sufficient amounts during the day from whey protein. For example, think of 2 athletes. While the first person provides the amount of protein they need to take daily from meals, the second person only consumes whey protein. Do you think it is the 1st person or the 2nd person who applies the healthy method?

As I just said, taking whey protein as a meal is not a healthy way to build muscle. For our health, we should stay away from packaged and processed foods as much as possible. But when you have no time, whey protein will be simple and quick for you.

  Should whey protein be taken after a workout?

When should whey protein be taken

should whey protein be taken after a workout?

Another feature of whey protein is that it is digested quickly and passes into the blood quickly. It accelerates the transition from the catabolic state to the anabolic state. For example, when we do sports, we are in the catabolism phase with the effect of stress because our muscle fibers are torn. After the sport is over, we want to increase the protein synthesis in the muscles and we want to pass to the anabolic phase.

Growth hormone, which increases protein synthesis, must be secreted. The growth hormone is secreted as a result of high amino acid and low glucose in the blood. Whey protein, which is one of the most important supplements that trigger the secretion of growth hormone, also accelerates the recovery process of the muscles. If you want what I said, whey protein should be taken after training.

Should whey protein be taken before a workout?

If you think of losing weight, I would not recommend you to take whey protein before a workout. Workout which is done while you are hungry (preprandial period) will accelerate your fat burning.

  Should whey protein be taken after waking up

When should whey protein be taken

should whey protein be taken after waking up

We start the day with high-stress hormones in the morning. If you are in the bulk period, whey protein should be taken to suppress the stress hormone called cortisol. It also accelerates protein synthesis in the morning.

 Should whey protein be taken before bed?

When should whey protein be taken

should whey protein be taken before bed?

I don't think it is a healthy method. Because whey protein consumed in high amounts at night will increase insulin. It will be normal to develop insulin resistance and have diabetes in the future. If you want to have more information about insulin, you can click this link.


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